Welcome to Tamashii Black Belt Academy… where we inspire excellence in life through mindful training in the martial arts!

We are a family-oriented school that’s dedicated to providing the best modern Karate programs in and around Lee’s Summit, Missouri… second to none! We strive to be more than just a martial arts training facility. Our focus is on bringing out the BEST in you and your family, as well as strengthening the bond between our close-knit family of martial arts members.

We specialize in giving you and your kids the proper tools for success in all of life. And that means tools to be fit, strong and healthy with a lot of emphasis on character development. Every class is FUN and EXCITING… for kids, teens and adults… and it doesn’t matter what shape, size or fitness level you are. We love beginners just as much as we do intermediate and advanced students.

If you’re new to Karate and maybe a bit nervous about it, perhaps wondering if you’ll fit in or can even do it… we’re here to tell you not to worry one bit because you’ll fit in just fine and you’ll be able to keep up – we promise! We’ll train you at your level and in a way that meets your goals. You bring the goals list and we’ll handle the details, how that’s?

We think you’ll LOVE what all those high kicks and powerful punches do for your body, mind, and spirit! You’ll get…

  • A fantastic workout, strong core and a lean body
  • A ton of focus, confidence & endurance
  • Much greater self-control and discipline
  • Lower stress & more happiness
  • A can do attitude and follow through skills

Want to know what the BEST part is? It’s super fun, life-changing, and your kids will have an awesome circle of friends with similar interests! Pretty cool, huh?

You’d think that martial arts training would cost a fortune… and it probably does at other schools, but not at Tamashi Black Belt Academy. We like to say that we provide “affordable excellence” with PRICELESS benefits.

Meet Linda Hanson
Owner at Tamashii Black Belt Academy in Lee's Summit, MO
7th Degree Black Belt

Kyoshi Linda Hanson is from England, and started her Martial Arts career at the age of 14 under the instruction of Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda, who was the head of the Japanese Karate Association at the time.

She immigrated to the United States of America in 1984 after earning a two-year college degree as a nanny.  Once here, she continued to train in Shotokan Karate.

Over the next 10+ years, Kyoshi Linda travelled around America and worked for well-known people such as Ron Howard (movie director) and Caroline Kennedy (daughter of JFK). She also had the opportunity to continue training with some of the best martial arts instructors from all over the United States including: Kyoshi Terry Bryan, Professor Ken Baker, Sensei Kawasoe, Sensei Ron Rogers, Kyoshi Raymond Montoya and many more.

In 1996, Kyoshi Linda moved to Missouri, became a personal assistant to the CEO and President of Mobilfone Paging and Mobile Radio Communications, and started teaching Karate for the YMCA of Kansas City. She taught four karate programs for the YMCA in Independence, Raytown, Platte City and Parkville, and is now the Owner and Chief Instructor of Tamashii Black Belt Academy and a board member of the American Black Belt Association.

Kyoshi Linda’s unique combination of martial arts training and a degree in Child Care has proven perfect for teaching martial arts to children of all ages in the After-School Karate Program, Little Tigers, Tamashii Tigers and in the evening program. 

After opening Tamashii Black Belt Academy, Kyoshi Linda Hanson opened the Adaptive Martial Art program for students with special needs and is now a Consulting Director for the Adaptive Martial Arts Association.

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