The title Martial Arts covers a broad spectrum of self defense, combat, exercise and tournament training. Many people sign up to do a particular style and never try anything else.

Here at Tamashii Black Belt Academy we use Shotokan Karate as our our base style, Shotokan Karate is defined by its straight line, powerful kicking punching and blocking techniques from low stances. We emphasizes correct body posture and formality of basic technique, in order to generate very powerful strikes and kicks.

Shotokan karate is divided into three training aspects

  1. Kihon = basic techniques
  2. Kata = a series of Martial Art movements performed in a particular order. Usually 20 to 50 moves long, which is very beneficial for memory and focus training. 
  3. Kumite = Sparring or fighting, taught in a safe way with qualified instructors. 

At Tamashii Black Belt Academy we also incorporate Aikido (joint manipulation) Judo (ground fighting with lock, pins and chokes) as part of our self defense curriculum in order to teach a great balance of striking and grappling.