I really appreciate the work you do with my sons in the TASK program. We started to notice their behavior improve right away and they have steadily become more responsible and respectful. Best of all they love it! Thank you!
— Jeff Lilley
Kyoshi Linda Hanson runs a very caring and professional dojo that truly understands the traditions of Karate. I take classes with my son and Grandchildren and have been very impressed with her ability to work with all age levels. I would recommend Tamashii Black Belt Academy to anyone who wants to learn Karate in a dojo with a family atmosphere.
— Teresa Johnson
Our daughter has been training with Kyoshi Linda Hanson and her staff for over 6 years. We could not have made a better choice when she was younger than getting her started in karate.She began in the Little Tiger program for Kindergarten and younger kids. She learned what to do in the event she was approached by someone she didn’t know. How to call for help in case of an emergency and how to be self aware. We quickly learned that these kids pick up things much quicker than we think they will and they absorb it. And it’s not just for the moment. It’s something we watched our child begin to talk about to other people, she was always telling family and friends what she had learned during that class. When she was ready she began with the older students and adults and has never looked back. She is a Black Belt now and gets to help teach others what she’s learned while continuing to learn things herself. Karate is something you have to have a passion about and it’s not easy. What makes it easier is having a “family” around you. And that goes for us on the sidelines as well as the students. TBBA definitely has a passion for their family.
— Erika Drew
My son has been a part of the Tamashii family for several years now. Kyoshi is great as are all the other instructors. It is fun to watch my son’s karate skills, self confidence and self discipline grow!
— Angi Landis
Having two kiddos on the spectrum with differing abilities and attitudes has always been a challenge to find activities that they can do together. We started out in Tamashii’s Adaptive class and it was wonderful! Both have progressed enough now and are not only in the regular class but also in the Black Belt Club! We LOVE our dojo & Kyoshi!!!
— Terri Wible
This is an amazing place for your kids to learn karate and the respect and discipline it teaches. The instructors are great.
— Jessica Straiert
Since my children started TASK, they are becoming better listeners, more focused on their studies, more confident in social settings and truly enjoy the karate skills they are learning. I love how they have learned how to be responsible with their own belongings and their own actions. I am so glad I found Tamashii Black Belt Academy!
— Andrea Barber
We absolutely love everything about this dojo and Kyoshi. Our children have grown so much and learned amazing skills that will helped them for the rest of their lives. Feel so blessed to be a part of this great program.
— Robin Crick
Attended a Women’s Self Defense course that was very enlightening! It was a serious class with comic relief. Very good tips for most situations you find yourself in. Learned some moves to practice at home.
All in all it was an excellent course. I think I will try taking a class here during the summer. Great people that care.
— Anonymous